Rules and the safety regulations on board

1. Except as provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation, the organizers of the cruise and the ship-owner is not responsible for loss, theft or damage to personal property of a passenger. 
2. Passengers carrying prohibited items (item 6 of these rules) are not allowed on board with these objects. In case of passengers objects or substances whose turnover is prohibited or restricted by law of the Russian Federation (weapons, drugs or explosives, etc.) action in respect of passenger defined by law enforcement officials, in accordance with the legislation of Russian Federation. 
3. Passengers must comply with the legislation of the Russian Federation, public order and generally accepted norms of behavior, behave respectfully towards other passengers and crew members, the persons responsible for the maintenance of order, to avoid actions that endanger others, care of the property of the vessel and property of other persons. In cases of illegal actions by the passenger, he / she shall be liable in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. 
4. The passenger that creates any socially dangerous situation that jeopardizes the safety of others, preventing the implementation of the cruise may result in the denial of access to the ship or in temporary isolation of passenger in private cabin. 
The list of actions prohibited on board the Vessel: 
4.1. Noncompliznce access control to the ship, including: illegal passage on board, attempts to access restricted areas without access to them. 
4.2. Carriage and use of prohibited items on board. 
4.3. Breach of public order, any action aimed at inciting social, racial, religious, national and interstate hatred, as well as social, racial, religious, national and interstate supremacy. 
4.4. Smocking at areas not designated and properly marked. 
4.5. Attmpt to climb the fence, safety and navigation equipment, lighting equipment, masts, supporting structures. 
4.6. Vandalism, disruption of the functioning systems of the Vessel. 
4.7. Throwing any items overboard. 
4.8. Leaving the vessel without the order of the captain, both in port and at sea.. 
4.9. Abandonment of children under 14 without supervision on the open deck. 
4.10. Use of devices with laser light, electronic equipment and high frequency devices that can interfere with navigation equipment. 
4.11. Any trade. 
5. Safety Check. 
5.1. For security reasons, all passengers must have a passport, ticket, pass a comprehensive examination and registration. 
5.2. Passengers who refuse to pass a comprehensive examination may be denied for boarding a ship without a refund. 
6. Prohibitions and restrictions for use on the ship items: 
6.1. Explosives, blasting agents and objects filled with them. 
6.2. Compressed and liquefied gases. 
6.3. Flammable liquids. 
6.4. Flammable solids and substances subject to spontaneous combustion. 
6.5. Oxidizing substances and organic peroxides. 
6.6. Toxic substances, radioactive materials, corrosives. 
6.7. Poisonous and toxic substances. 
6.8. Medicines and medical supplies more than the number and volume (100 ml). 
6.9. Narcotic and psychotropic substances and their precursors. 
6.10. Weapons and ammunition: fire, alarm, air, gas. 
6.11. Piercing and cutting items that can be used in damage, melee weapons. 
6.12. Any items resembling prohibited items or copies thereof, and analogs. 
6.13. Alcoholic beverages, water and other beverages, food (except baby food factory in factory packaging). 
6.14. Radio electronic and high-frequency devices that may create interference navigational equipment. 
6.15. Devices with laser radiation. 
6.16. Promotional materials of any kind, printed political or offensive content or content that is contrary to public order and / or morality. 
6.17. Any other items that can harm the health of passengers and crew members, property damage or interfere with the normal operations of the vessel.


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